Emerging markets is poised to be the next global growth engine,

contributing to almost two-thirds of the world’s GDP by 20241. Innovation and technology have powered domestic growth while rapid urbanisation is putting more purchasing power into the hands of an expanding middle class.

Size - 50+ dedicated fund professionals

Emerging markets made up
of the world's GDP in 1980.
It is estimated to grow to

by 2024.

Without the shackles of a legacy system, there are a wealth of opportunities for emerging-market countries to leap-frog in the digital space. With boots on the ground in emerging markets for over 30 years, we are uniquely positioned to identify the world’s future giants.

Enjoy income as emerging markets grow.

Invest in the World’s Future Giants with
Templeton Emerging Markets Dynamic Income Fund

A dynamic, integrated approach to achieving sustainable income

Regular Income

Targets consistent & sustainable income distribution

Dynamic Process

Integrated & dynamic investment process


Three pillars of expertise in one fund

Key Features of the Fund

Targets Consistent and Sustainable Income Distribution

A sustainable income is achieved through the Fund’s exposure to emerging markets:

Higher Yields

Emerging market bonds offer higher yields than developed market bonds

Capital Growth

Emerging market equities may have more potential for capital growth


Increasing dividend payout from emerging market equities

Uses an Integrated and Dynamic Approach

The Fund’s tactical and dynamic strategy allows a flexible allocation across equities and fixed income. Its active weights are managed at the fund level to calibrate total exposures and identify unintended risks.

Strategic Asset Allocation

Strategic Asset Allocation

An even 50/50 split between equities and fixed income

Dynamic Asset Allocation

Dynamic Asset Allocation

To potentially capture better returns and deliver consistent income

Allowable Investment Range

Allowable Investment Range

Minimum 25% allocation to both equities or bonds

Three Pillars of Expertise in One Fund

Bringing together three specialised investment teams with expertise in different asset classes, the Fund represents our best thinking.


Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Equity

Pioneers in emerging market equity investing


Templeton Global Macro

Leaders of unconstrained global fixed income


Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions

70+ years’ experience in income investing2

Captures Opportunities in Emerging Markets

The Fund is invested in attractive opportunities within emerging markets fixed income and equities.

Improving Fundamentals

  • Decline in average debt-to-GDP ratio
  • Resilience to external shocks

Value in Local Currency Bonds

  • Improving credit quality of local currency issuance
  • Reduced external currency borrowing

Technology & Innovation Fuel Growth

  • Companies in the emerging markets are leading global innovation
  • Greater and faster adoption of new technologies in emerging markets

Stronger Domestic Consumption

  • Rising affluence among emerging markets’ middle class cohorts that is driving premiumisation of goods

Learn More About the Fund

Watch Subash Pillai, Portfolio Manager of Templeton Emerging Markets Dynamic Income Fund, explain how the Fund could deliver a sustainable income stream to investors.

Templeton Emerging Markets Dynamic Income Fund


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