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The coronavirus pandemic crippled the world in 2020 and created much volatility and uncertainty. However, a recovery is on the cards after globally coordinated economic stimulus of unprecedented size, that helped cushion the fall and set the world up for recovery in the days forward. As investors, it is important to keep our eyes on the big picture as short-term anomalies merely accentuate longer term opportunities. 

Markets aside, the major shift in consumer behaviour to adapt to a new normal has also opened up opportunities for investors who are looking for sectors that are primed for growth. We have identified four Megatrends that potentially have the capability and scale to further change the world.

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The evolution of globalization

Globalization continues to evolve as it did from the exports of raw materials and basic goods in the 15th century to digital goods and services. Today, services, underpinned by technological innovation, are the anchor of global output.
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The age of digital transformation

Technology has been the agent of change since the tail end of the 20th century. Persistent technological innovation will continue to change the way we work, play, and consume and Investors are well positioned to benefit from this long runway of digital growth.
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How biotechnology becomes relevant

The fusion of technology and biology has created breakthrough treatments for major killers such as heart diseases and cancer. These advances also complement issues stemming from a greying population that is living longer. The recent COVID-19 vaccine development is a good example of how medical science can help heal the human race.
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Megacities and the need for infrastructure

Over half the world is living in man-made infrastructure enjoying improved safety standards, sheer physical convenience, and economic advantages over rural living. The infrastructure gap continues to grow across sectors critical to sustaining the urbanization boom.
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Featured Funds

Capitalize on investment opportunities arising from digital transformation

Franklin Technology Fund

An award-winning fund* that identifies high-quality technology companies with focuses on leading growth themes such as cloud computing services, the internet of things and e-commerce

Fund overview

Invest in leading growth companies located in the US – the world’s largest and most resilient equity market

Franklin U.S. Opportunities Fund

A well-diversified, multi-cap, multi-industry portfolio in leading growth such as technology, biotech and communications.

Fund overview

Invest exclusively in the biotechnology, emerging pharmaceuticals and life science tools/molecular diagnostics sectors

Franklin Biotechnology Discovery Fund

A single-industry-focused fund that seeks potential growth from breakthrough developments in the biotechnology industry.

Fund overview

Tap into an evident multi-year opportunity of infrastructure, a driver of population and economic growth

Legg Mason ClearBridge Infrastructure Value Fund

The award-winning fund^ aims to achieve long-term stable growth of the fund’s value through investment in shares of global infrastructure companies.

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We have 1,250+ research and investment professionals on the ground in more than 20 countries.

Specialised Expertise

Our experienced team of analysts span across different fields, offering deep knowledge and access to companies in the portfolios.


Our global research platform is one of the largest in the world. Combining both top-down macro and bottom-up fundamental analysis with quantitative insights, we seek alpha from every angle.

Robust Risk Management

We believe that no single measure or methodology reveals the “truth” about risk. Understanding risk requires a mosaic of analytics, oversight protocols and collaborative consultation with portfolio managers. Therefore, risk management is intrinsic to all aspects of the investment process.

Our Commitment to ESG

Uncovering sustainability factors that help inform an issuer’s credit value and default risk is an integral part of our investment process.

Biotechnology Insights

Technology Insights



The Business of Biotechnology: Capital undercurrents moving the sector

Advances in biotechnology has re-energized the medical application of biology but in many ways, it is capital that is facilitating ...


Biotechnology Innovations Remain at Forefront

A look at why we think biotech companies will remain at the forefront through the pandemic period and beyond.


A Smoother Path to Infrastructure Spending

ClearBridge Investments: Democratic control of the U.S. Senate is a positive for U.S. infrastructure.


Tech Opportunities Abound Amid Economic Reopening

Franklin Equity Group’s Jonathan Curtis says the digital transformation themes that accelerated during the COVID-19 crisis are still just getting started.

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