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While turbulence can be challenging, it also creates opportunities. We see changing environments as a time to review portfolios. As active managers with over 70 years of experience, we have navigated our investments through various economic cycles.

Whether you are seeking to maximise investment returns or to hedge your investments from global risks, you can rely on our expertise to help you meet your goals. And if you are wondering how to steer your investments amid uncertain market conditions, here are a few investment themes to consider.

Seize Value in Emerging Markets

Emerging markets equity valuations reached crisis levels in 2018, but rebounded to a strong start in 2019. With valuations at attractive levels, is it time to consider emerging markets?

Chetan Sehgal, Senior Managing Director, and Director of Portfolio Management of Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Equity argues the case for emerging markets, given where fundamentals stand.

It's Time to Rethink Emerging Markets

Here are four compelling reasons for investors to consider emerging markets (EMs):

Attractive Valuations

After the 2018 correction, key risks such as rising rates and trade tensions have already been priced into the current valuation.

Rising Consumption

Middle class consumption in EMs is projected to surpass Developed Markets by 20301, due to strong domestic demand from a growing middle class, affluence and "premiumisation" of goods and services.

Fueled by Innovation

Many compaines in EMs are spearheading technology-based innovation, and leapfrogging the West in e-commerce, digital payments, mobile banking and electric-vehicles. Thus, enabling them to enjoy sustainable earning power ahead.

Higher Yields

Many EMs have made meaningful reforms that will ensure their resilience in times of stress. We invest in select EMs that are fiscally responsible. and domestically driven with good growth prospects.

Seize value in emerging markets with Franklin Templeton

Templeton Emerging Markets Fund


Templeton Emerging Markets Smaller
Companies Fund


Templeton Emerging Markets Dynamic Income Fund


Prepare for Surprises

Amidst a changing geo-political environment, slower growth and a more dovish US Federal Reserve, you may be concerned about where markets are headed. Find out how you can defend against potential global risks, and turn them into potential investment opportunities.

Michael Hasenstab, Chief Investment Officer of Templeton Global Macro explains the opportunities and risks in today's global markets and how investors can potentially benefit from this complex global environment.

Turn Global Macroeconomic Imbalances into Investment Opportunities

In-depth country research, macroeconomic modelling, and local perspective can help maximise your investment return via three potential sources.


Look out for select emerging market currencies that are undervalued relative to their fundamental strengths. Investors can also potentially profit from gains in a currency (going long) as well as declines in a currency (going short).


Attractive yields are available outside of major developed economies. Investors should keep an eye out for select emerging markets bonds that offer relatively higher yields.


Gain exposure to bonds from countries, particularly in emerging markets, with an expected increase in credit worthiness due to improving fundamentals and sound policy decision-making.

Prepare for surprises with Franklin Templeton

Templeton Global Bond Fund


Templeton Global Total Return Fund


Templeton Emerging Markets Bond Fund


Invest in the Future

The US economy is in a period of unprecedented innovation. Are you capturing these opportunities or are fears of aging bull market holding you back?

Jonathan Curtis, Vice President and Portfolio Manager of Franklin Equity Group explains why he is bullish on digital transformation to drive growth across the technology sector for many years to come, and the key risks he is alert to.

Capitalise on the Growth Opportunities from Technology and Digital Disruption

While artificial intelligence, renewables and hyper-connectivity is considered to be at its infancy, the global economy is expected to accelerate the technology revolutions in the foreseeable future. We see digital transformation expanding at a more rapid pace now. We expect the pressure and the need for companies to transition to technology-on-demand will continue to rise. Here are some key growth areas:


From speech recognition to machine learning, nearly all applications and devices will be AI-capable by 2021.2


The need for cost effective access of data, servers and programs is forecasted to triple by 2021.3


From smarts devices to homes and factories, Internet connectivity is expected to reach 200 billion devices by 2020.4


Despite its already large presence, global retail e-commerce sales growth is expected to double from 2017's sales.5

Invest in the future with Franklin Templeton

Franklin Technology Fund


Franklin U.S. Opportunities Fund


Rely on our Expertise

With over 600 investment professionals and presence in 30+ countries, we are able to spot investment ideas around the world that can help investors successfully navigate markets.

Focus on Investment Excellence

23 Average years of experience

Our portfolio managers are long tenured, averaging 23 years of experience, with twice the experience in managing strategies, compared to industry peers.


We don't just seek higher returns, we also actively manage risks through an integrated, independant and insightful process. Risk is to be optimised, not minimised.


We seek to deliver exceptional investment management through an active fundamental approach, while always acting in the interests of our clients and shareholders.

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What Are The Key Risks?

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