Build Investment Resilience with these approaches

2020 has been a period of extreme financial market volatility. Uncertainty has gripped global markets and left many questioning, where do we go from here? In times like this, it is crucial for investors to look beyond market gyrations and rethink portfolio defense and construction.

Protect Your Investments
in times of volatility

Adapt & Seize Opportunities
as they arise in changing market conditions

Work with Franklin Templeton to build immunity and resilience in your portfolios amidst this health and economic crisis. Our investment teams have decades of experience investing through highly volatile periods and are equipped to navigate today’s rapidly evolving market conditions.

Protect Your Investments

Build a defensive portfolio

Heightened global concerns spanning health, economic, political and social domains continue to unnerve investors. Inaction at this point is the most vulnerable position to take. The roadmap ahead will involve building defensive portfolios to navigate further bouts of market volatility.

3 approaches for investors


  • Find refuge against broad-based market risks in safe haven currencies.
  • Maintain portfolio liquidity by elevating cash levels and holding short-term US Treasuries to quickly pursue opportunities as they arise.


  • Look for truly diversified investments, such as hedge strategies, to protect the portfolio during volatile times.
  • Focus on building a portfolio of uncorrelated risk assets.


  • Regular income from investments can act as a buffer for investors when markets fall.
  • Look for income opportunities in select emerging markets, where yields are higher and capital growth is stronger.

Protect Your Investments
with Franklin Templeton

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Complement a defensive investment strategy by capitalising on opportunities that arise in uncertain market conditions.

Adapt and seize opportunities

ADAPT & SEIZE opportunities

Be opportunistic and adaptive

Market volatility can create opportunities which is a key reason to remain invested. Adapt your investment strategy and be ready to seize opportunities in the market when they arise.

2 themes that will drive future performance


  • Technology is dominating many parts of the global economy and our daily lives.
  • Businesses are investing in automation and artificial intelligence to increase productivity and stay ahead of disruptors in their markets.
  • Healthcare demand and biotechnology innovation will be the beneficiaries of an ageing global population.
  • Opportunities can be found in both the developed and emerging markets, in leading US and Asia technology and biotechnology firms.

Emerging Markets

  • Technology, demographics and intra-regional cooperation have transformed emerging markets into a global powerhouse.
  • Companies are innovating within their respective industries to becoming a formidable player in the global arena.
  • Middle-class growth is fueling consumer spending.
  • Small-capitalisation companies are benefiting from local growth.
  • While China’s economic growth will likely be affected in the short term due to COVID-19, we believe the long-term growth outlook for Chinese equities remain strong.

Adapt and Seize Opportunities
with Franklin Templeton

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Complement an opportunistic investment strategy by protecting your investments against uncertain market conditions.

Protect your investments


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