Value of Advice

We Believe in the Value of Advice

Our managed funds are sold through financial advisors and platforms because we believe investors can benefit from ongoing professional advice. A financial advisor can prove invaluable in helping you define your needs and narrowing the search for investments suitable to your unique financial objectives.

    A Financial Advisor Can Help:

    • Determine your financial goals and risk tolerance to develop a solid asset allocation plan designed to meet those goals
    • Provide guidance and expertise on tax, retirement and investment planning
    • Assess the potential risks and rewards of various investment options
    • Monitor and manage your investments over time and recommend timely adjustments to your portfolio to keep your asset allocation plan balanced and on target
    • Provide market knowledge and planning expertise
    • Offer objectivity, support and guidance during periods of market volatility

    If you currently do not have a financial advisor, you can approach any of our authorized distributors who do provide financial planning services.

    Investor Education